Meet Our Board

At “Heart 4 Kids” our board of directors and executive management team are committed to building an organization that is Always There for You.


Mary Myatt, President and Founder

Mary lives in Elizabeth City, NC with her husband.  She is founder and President of Heart 4  Kids and began this ministry after a four mission trips to Ecuador.  Mary has also served on the Board of Directors of a non-profit Women and Children’s shelter locally. Mary believes that together with the help of our ministry partners, the “Heart 4 Kids” organization can and will change the lives of children in need.



Martina Ruetten, Vice President


Martina lives in Elizabeth City, NC with her husband and three daughters. She joined the Heart 4 Kids team  in 2014 after three mission trips to Ecuador . Martina has served on the board of several nonprofit organizations. She is excited about what God is doing in Ecuador and is honored to be a world changer right along side the rest of the “Heart 4 Kids” family.



Angie Loos-Sykes, Treasurer and Communication

Angie was born and raised in Germany, and immigrated 1992 to the USA. In 2001 she graduated from Elizabeth City State University with a Bachelors of Science in Accounting, and while living in Elizabeth City, she became a notary public. She has worked in the public and private sector over the past 30 years. Her desire for success is driven by need to help support those who are less fortunate. In addition to being self driven and directed, she provides nothing less than her highest quality of work to a task, no matter how small or how large. She believes that God has provided her with all those opportunities to prepare her for this role at “Heart 4 Kids”.



Emily Perry joins the Board as our new Director of Children’s Ministries.

Emily has served as the Heart 4 Kids VBS Director for the past 2 years.  As our new Director, she will be responsible for planning, coordinating and implementing all aspects of our children’s programs during our trips to Ecuador yearly.


 Alex Valencia, Chaplain, Lead Pastor @ Director of International Missions



Pastor Alex Valencia serves as Director of International Missions, and currently lives in El Triunfo, Ecuador with his wife, Ana and their two sons, Samuel and Ariel.

He recently graduated from Chaplain in Action Breaking Frontiers International, INC to become a Chaplain, which will help him hold a unique position in our ministry.  He will now offer confidential counseling, care and support for not only our Heart 4 Kids children but also for their families, the community and our Ecuador Staff.

Pastor Alex is the perfect person to coordinate our Ecuador kids in need because he knows the sting of poverty and rejection and its impact on the life of a child. Pastor Alex is committed to fulfilling the vision of “Heart 4 Kids” and we are excited to have him on board with us.



 Jorge Alberto Crespo Urgiles, Chaplain @ Social Assistant to the Director


Jorge Urgiles serves as Social Assistant to the Director of International Missions, and currently lives in El Triunfo, Ecuador with his wife,  and their two daughters.

He recently graduated from Chaplain in Action Breaking Frontiers International, INC to become a Chaplain. Heart 4 Kids like to take this opportunity to welcome him to the Board.

Ana Quiroz Ch., Administrative Assistant


Ana was born in Tosagua, Manabi, and lives in El Triunfo, Ecuador with her husband and her two sons. She was introduced to the Gospel at age 10 while a group was visiting her neighborhood. Her childhood was relatively poor, even though her parents were hard-working. This has helped her to develop a heart for impoverished children, she is committed to providing them with opportunities to survive and succeed, regardless of their social status or culture. She believes that the Lord brought her to “Heart 4 Kids” because of her deep commitment to missions.


Honorary Member


Comandante General DR Carlos Arroba



It is our pleasure to welcome General Carlos Arroba as one of our forthcoming supporter,  who seeks the welfare of our children.