Heart 4 Kids has an opportunity to get our children a wellness and dental checkup given by Dr. Leopoldo Apolinario and staff. We have 28 children in our Heart 4 Kids program and an additional 80+ children who attend church services regularly.


For many of these children, this will be the first time they have had an opportunity to be seen by a doctor or a dentist. Because they are poor, they are unable to have access to health services, proper diet, immunizations and live in circumstances that allow many disease causing organisms to thrive. Before medication and immunizations are given, each child will need a complete wellness checkup and blood work. This is an important step to catching diseases and to help prevent life threatening health conditions.


A dental consultation will also allow us to educate the children on proper dental hygiene and include a toothbrush and toothpaste for them to take home.


PLEASE consider helping us raise funding to schedule this very important clinic for our kids!  You not only will change their life, but you may save it!