Sponsor a child in need today… There is a “Child Waiting” for you


 YOU can make lasting changes in the life of a child. Which one will you choose?

Many other children are on our wait-list too. Contact us.

How Our Sponsorship Works:

Once a child has been accepted into the program we determine what he/she needs. Usually our first step is to register them for their birth certificate. Most of the time the child does not have a birth certificate because the parent/parents are unable to afford to register their birth. Many children in impoverished countries, like Ecuador, simply do not exist according to their government.

After the birth certificate is obtained, the next requirement is to apply for a cedula. A cedula is their national ID card that will be used for identification purposes and will also allow them the right to healthcare.

The next step to our program is placing the child on our website to obtain a sponsor. The sponsor provides monthly support for his/her child. Once a sponsor for the child has been found we then, through the school system, access what grade the child will begin in, providing they are of school age.

School age children are supplied with food, uniforms and school supplies needed for their new beginning. Children not old enough be enrolled are supplied with food and clothing until they reach school age.

Each Sponsor Receives:

• A welcome letter with information and picture of their child.
• Updates on how they are progressing, in and out of school.
• Address to correspond with their child.

Monthly contributions

Some monthly contributions are combined with those of other sponsors whose children are enrolled in the same area.
This enables “Heart 4 Kids” to serve all enrolled girls and boys, even if a sponsor has not been found for all of the children.


Heart 4 Kids believes that together WE CAN change the life of a child!

Please sponsor a child who is waiting…. today!

For more information please contact:

Mary Myatt at     mary@heart-4-kids.org     or visit us on Facebook…  Heart 4 Kids