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A couple of years ago, our mission team to Ecuador visited the small village of El Triunfo and discovered a group of children who were in need of basic necessities. A few from that team began to ask for help for these children in the form of monthly support. My husband and I “adopted” a little 10 year old girl named Sandra. Our support was used for basic school supplies, clothing and food. We were given a picture of sweet Sandra that we displayed in a prominent spot in our home. After a few months of support


and due to different circumstances, we stopped our financial support but still kept Sandra’s picture up. For some reason, I could not bring it upon myself to take her beautiful little face down. I found myself frequently glancing at her picture. I wondered what she was doing. Was she hungry? Cold? Did she have good shoes? Was she able to attend school? The blessings of my family seemed so magnified when I looked at her face.

One Sunday at our church, I happened to sit beside one of my good friends and co-founder of Heart 4 Kids, Mary Myatt. Mary is a lady who truly has one of the biggest hearts a person could have and I trust her completely. I asked her how the organization was coming along and she told me that there were just a few children who needed sponsors. Sandra was one of them. I knew in that moment what we needed to do so I pledged my support again to Sandra through the ministry of Hearts 4 Kids.

Sandra’s picture still occupies the same space in our home. She is part of our family. Through the organization, she has sent me letters and pictures she has drawn. Compared to our many blessings, our support doesn’t seem like much, but I can only pray that it makes a little bit of a difference in this precious girl’s life.

I hope to hug her in person some dayJ

Vicky B


In the fall of 2010 my wife and I carried a van load of teenagers to a Christian music concert in Fayetteville, NC. During the concert Max Lucado did a pitch for World Vision; an International Organization that helps impoverished children and their families.  I couldn’t say no to his request to please sponsor one of these children, the faces on the screen showed absolutely no hope. I told my wife to go down and select a child for us to sponsor. She came back with a young lady named Anna from Tanzania who just so happened to have the same birthday as our own daughter.  Anna’s face in her picture was so solemn and stern that one had to wonder if 

oscar-2013-192x300she had ever smiled. We’ve been sponsoring Anna now for four years and the pictures and reports that we receive from World Vision and from her, show that she is growing in the hope and love of Jesus Christ.

In the fall of 2012 my wife and I attended a reunion of the mission team that we had traveled to Ecuador with during the previous summer.  During that trip we had heard of some of the team encountering a group of very poor children but we really didn’t know what had come of that encounter. Several of the women on the team had been called by the Lord to take a stand for those children and that night they introduced those children to us by way of a poster presentation and the opportunity to sponsor a child. The Lord spoke to my wife and I again, “I’ve given you the means, reach out”. We selected a little boy named Oscar. Oscar was about 2 at that time and had the saddest most troubled look on his face that I’d ever seen on a child. How can someone say no to a face that little who has no hope? We are able to keep up with Oscar’s growth and change through the Heart-4-Kids Facebook page and through correspondence with the team of Heart-4-Kids. This year we were so blessed to receive from Heart-4-Kids a Christmas picture from Oscar with a beautiful head of long dark hair and the most beautiful infectious smile that one could imagine. He is a child who has seen the love of Christ and now has hope for every day.

My wife and I are now the sponsors of two step-children for the simple reason that we felt like the Lord called us to do this. I think one of the keys to these ministries comes from 1 Cor. 12:12. “Just as a body, though one, has many parts, but all its many parts form one body, so it is with Christ.”  It takes people willing to give resources and to encourage;  it takes those with vision to do the leg work and the administration of the ministry, and it takes those on the ground in those countries putting in countless hours teaching, purchasing and being the face of Christ; yet we are all one body. How humbling yet truly exciting it is to see scripture come alive in your life when we all serve in obedience and what a privilege it is to see Jesus at work through us thousands of miles away.

Donald and Ceil Davenport



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