Frequently Asked Questions about Heart 4 Kids Sponsorship’s

1. What is a Sponsor?
A “Heart 4 Kids” sponsor is someone who has made the decision to personally invest in the life of a child in need.

2. How much does it cost to sponsor a child?
If you choose to sponsor a child, the cost is $30 per month.

3. What will my sponsorship include?
All money received will go directly to send the child to school, provide clothing, books, medical care and food.

4.  Is my sponsorship tax -deductible?
Yes, all contributions received are tax deductible.

5. May I give more than the suggested $30 monthly?
Absolutely. Any money above your commitment will help with additional supplies for the children.

6. May I give a one time donation?
Yes.  Your one time donation will help to defray unforeseen expenses that arise.

7. Do you offer different programs?

Yes. Make sure your donation is marked for the program you have decided with “Heart 4 Kids.”

8. How long will my sponsorship last?
We ask that you commit to at least a one year sponsorship if possible.
But the best scenario would be to support your child through graduation.

9. Monthly contributions
Some monthly contributions are combined with those of other sponsors whose children are enrolled in the same area.
This enables “Heart 4 Kids” to serve all enrolled girls and boys, even if a sponsor has not been found for all of the children.


 Program requirements
“Heart 4 Kids”, requires, when a child is enrolled for sponsorship, that the local office fills out an enrollment form and a family card, containing basic and statistical information such as: age, health status, literacy, access to safe water, and services rendered. The enrollment form itself details the particular child’s likes, hobbies, habits and personality.