Christmas is in the air and the world seems to be a kinder place to live.  Children are making their Christmas lists, filled with excitement and dreams.  We join family and friends to celebrate the Birth of Jesus and the food on the table looks like heaven.  Turkey, Ham, candied yams and desserts that go on for miles…. Yes, Christmas is a wonderful, magical time.

Now imagine you can’t do any of these things for your child.  There are no Angel Tree organizations to help.  No food banks to draw from.  Presents for your children…. NOT going to happen.  This is most of our families in Ecuador.  If they have work, they get paid less for a day’s work than many of us earn per hour.  Imagine looking at your children knowing there will be no presents, no Christmas party and certainly no Christmas dinner – Maybe no dinner at all.

YOU can help make a family’s Christmas a little brighter.  Please consider donating to help us make each one’s Christmas special.


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