Here is a little story on how we began…with David!

Excitement bubbled through the air on our second day of ministry in El Triunfo, Ecuador. We had been called, and were ready to go where God would lead us. The plan was to head to a local school where we could sing and dance with the children there. It was on this day that David came into our lives.


                  David 2012

Escorted from outside the gates of the school, he made his way to the front of the room and sat down. This is the instant our hearts started breaking. Surrounded by children dressed in uniforms, this child just did not fit. Dirt covered his beautiful face and sadness filled his eyes. He had only shorts on, and lacerations covering his feet. The cuts were so badly infected that flies were swarming his wounds. Keeping close watch on a boy that God had surely set before us, we finished up our time at the school. Before packing up we cleaned his feet, put ointment on his cuts, and covered them with band aids, hoping in some small way we had helped.

Heading back to the bus, David was spotted digging through the trash to find food. Not only was he too poor for proper clothing and shoes, he couldn’t afford a meal of his own either. With a heavy and burdened heart, we knew something more must be done. The pastor assisting us during our trip informed us of David’s situation along with some particulars on what we could do to help.

The next day we returned, and found where David lived. We took him shoes, food to eat, and a few articles of clothing. Even though we were limited on what we could provide him, our hearts grew heavy with the knowledge that so much more was needed to see David thrive.

Looking through the window on the bus I waved my bittersweet goodbye. Then I hear that familiar voice deep inside my heart. “This is not over! You are not finished here!”

God put David in our path so that we could share with many more, the need for His love and compassion all around the world!

david-crop-215x300David 2014

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